Robert Barney

Stormhaven is a high power guitar-driven four-piece rock band. The album is a hard rock guitar feast. Musical influences include Ritchie Blackmore, Van Halen,Ted Nugent,Ozzy, Satriani. Melodic vocals, and lyricial tales of magical beings, dangerous women, love and passion. Recorded during spring and summer of 1992 at Clear Lake Audio, in Burbank Ca, Brian Levi, producer. This Album contains NO keyboards!
1. Force of Habit
2. Twisted Lady
3. Gunnin
4. Please Don't Leave Me Now
5. Salt Lake Blues
6. Stolen Heart
7. The Hunter
8. Witching Hour
9. Is It Love?
10. Twilight Flight

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1: Force of Habit
2: Twisted Lady
3: Gunnin
4: Please Don't Leave Me Now
5: Salt Lake Blues
6: Stolen Heart
7: The Hunter
8: Witching Hour
9: Is It Love?
10: Twilight Flight