Robert Barney
Stolen Heart
Stolen Heart
Verse 1:
A-Yesterday, my baby left me.
She vowed never to return.
And now I've got a cold spot,
Where I used to feel it burn.
B-She left me broke and lyin', bleedin' and dyin'
Back up: (Stolen Heart) repeat

Verse 2:
A-So, I hired a detective,
But she gave that dude the slip.
Now, she's running like an outlaw,
And she's shooting from the hip.
B-She left me broke and cryin', bleedin' and dyin'.
Back up: (Stolen Heart)
My baby won't give it back.
Back up: (Stolen Heart)
She's nowhere to be found.
Back up: (Stolen Heart)
She's leaving and she's making tracks.
Back up: (Stolen Heart)

Oh, she fills me with desire.
Uh, huh yeah! She sets my soul on fire.
Ohhhh! She' a mean and lean , little love machine,
But she's loving somebody else!

Guitar Solo

Verse 3:
A-So, see there ain't no glory
And you know it's sad but true.
Well, that's what she did to me,
She can do it all to you

B-She'll leave you broke and lyin', bleedin' and dyin'

Repeat Chorus
She ain't never coming back.
Lyrics Credits: Robert Barney
Music Credits: Robert Barney
Producer Credits: Brian Levi
Publisher Credits: Mountain Boy Music
Performance Credits: BMI
Label Credits: indie
Short Song Description:
This is edgy hard rock mid-tempo, male vocal w/back up vocals.
Long Song Description:
The rhythm guitar drives the background. Drums featured. In the chorus, back up vocals repeat the title, 'Stolen Heart' in between the lead vocal lines.
The bridge follows a short solo. After the final chorus, a four bar solo guitar finishes w/long dreamy lines over a repeating arpeggio.
Story Behind the Song:
A young man's lover runs away with his heart.
Song Length: 3:36
Primary Genre: Rock-Hard Rock
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Bad Love
Subject Matter 2: Crime, Theft
Mood 1: Mad
Similar Artist 1: Motley Crue
Language: English
Era: 1990 - 1999