Robert Barney
Please Don't Leave Me Now
Please Don't Leave Me Now
Verse 1:
A Tired of wasting time.
Got to find my way to peace of mind.
I've spent my life so far searching for a pot of gold.
But I can't seem to find the rainbow.
B I can take the pain.
I've got so much to gain.
Cause life goes on and on and then it's over
Please don't leave me now.
Girl I need your love to show me how.

Verse 2:
A- Love can be such a crime. Look into my eyes,
You can see I'm blind.
B- Feel the pain that never ends,
A broken heart that never mends
So, hold me through the night until it's over.
Please don't leave me now.
Girl, I need your love to show me how.
When the days get long and the nights grow cold.
Please don't leave me now.

You light the fire in my soul,
So, hold me tight babe, and don't let go.

Repeat Full Chorus
Lyrics Credits: Robert Barney/David Emery
Music Credits: Robert Barney/David Emery
Producer Credits: Brian Levi
Publisher Credits: Mountain Boy Music
Performance Credits: BMI
Label Credits: indie
Short Song Description:
A rock ballad with acoustic an electric guitars. It is a sad love song.
Long Song Description:
The singer feels he has wasted his life and realizes time is short,and life could suddenly be over. He begs his love not to leave him.
Song Length: 4:48
Primary Genre: Rock-Hard Rock
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Relationship
Subject Matter 2: Sadness
Mood 1: Poignant
Mood 2: Heartbreaking
Similar Artist 1: Bon Jovi
Similar Artist 2: Ozzy Osbourne
Language: English
Era: 1990 - 1999