Robert Barney
Twilight Flight
No lyrics.
Lyrics Credits: none
Music Credits: Robert Barney and David Emery
Producer Credits: Brian Levi
Publisher Credits: Mountian Boy Music BMI
Performance Credits: BMI
Label Credits: indie
Short Song Description:
An acoustic begins the melodic theme and is repeated on an electric guitar with the band Use of harmony guitar melodies,solo and a bridge back to a harnony melody and end.
Long Song Description:
Dave Emery came up with the initial melody. I added and arranged the rest. I played the acoustic guitar, double and harmony lead guitar,and the second solo.
Story Behind the Song:
Twilight Flight. It could be an airplane flight. Perhaps on a tour. It could be the astral dream flight. Where does your imagination fly?
Song Length: 3:41
Primary Genre: Rock-Hard Rock
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Floating
Subject Matter 1: Dreams
Subject Matter 2: Tonight, Night, Evening
Mood 1: Blissful
Mood 2: Cool
Similar Artist 1: Joe Satriani
Language: English
Era: 1990 - 1999